Frequently Asked Questions

It's been 24 hours. Where is my proof?

Unless you placed your order over the weekend, you should have received a proof within 24 hours. Often times our e-mails will get sent to your spam folder. If you do not see it in there, try contacting our customer service and we will e-mail you another one!

Race Car Wrap Install Tip

EASY REMOVAL - When you're finally ready to take off your decals, sometimes it helps to heat them up with a hair dryer.

How can I order a race car wrap?

Easy. You can place your order directly on-line from our list of stock race car wrap designs. We have taken great care to design our online ordering system to be as simple and easy as possible. You can also call us at 978-319-9666 weekdays from 9-5:30 EST.

Once your order has been placed we will need you to measure your race car using one of our templates. This information can be emailed or faxed to 978-319-9667.

Race Car Wrap Install Tip

CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN. The first, and most important step in any race car wrap installation is to clean your surface thoroughly. We recommend washing the surface down with a mild detergent soap, and then rewashing with Xylene.

What is included in the race car wrap packages you offer?

We offer several different race car wrap graphics packages. Every wrap we do is a custom wrap designed to each customers specifications. We will design your wrap, proof your wrap and then once approved, print and laminate your race car wrap.

Each wrap order comes with detailed installation instructions and a felt tip squeegee and FireStorm decals.

Race Car Wrap Install Tip

TEMPERATURE. Ideally you want the surface to be between 50 and 70 degrees.

Do you overlaminate your wraps?

Yes, all of our wraps are laminated for added durability. The overlaminate protects the finish for a long-lasting wrap.

Race Car Wrap Install Tip

REMOVE DUST- Be sure to wipe the clean surface with a soft rag to remove any dust that may have accumulated through friction.

Can I customize any of the race wrap designs on your website?

Absolutely. Every race car wrap we do is a custom wrap to your specifications. We can even change to colors of our stock wraps to fit your needs or do a completely custom wrap.

Race Car Wrap Install Tip

WATER APPLICATION - You can mix an application fluid consisting of water and a small amount of dish soap to apply single color vinyl. This will help aid in a bubble free application if you are uncertain of your application techniques. Just be sure to squeegee out any water bubbles.

Yes you can. There may be an upcharge to do so to cover run time nad materials. There are a number of advantages to having your sponsor decals overlay your racing wrap including the ability to change out sponsor graphics without having to replace part of your wrap.

Race Car Wrap Install Tip

AIR BUBBLES - Sometimes air bubbles occur beneath the surface of the vinyl. Be sure to have a #11 Exacto knife on hand. Make a small pinhole at the edge of the air bubble, and push the vinyl down with your finger, applying pressure farthest away from the bubble, and pushing towards the pinhole.

Have I seen any cars you have wrapped? was asked by Circle Track magazine to wrap their Project Dirt Late Model. The installation process was featured in their September 2008 issue and the car was featured on the cover of their December 2008 issue as well as being on display at the PRI shows in 2008 and 2009. The article can also be seen on their web site.

Race Car Wrap Install Tip

SQUEEGEE EDGES - Be sure the edges of your squeegee are smooth. If not air bubbles can get trapped beneath the surface of the vinyl. Use a fine grit sandpaper to smooth the edges of the squeegee before application.

Can I re-order a part of the wrap in the case of an on-track “incident”?

Yes. We keep all customer files handy as well as having an off-site backup system. We can turn around reprints in 24-48 hours.

Race Car Wrap Install Tip

VACUUM YOUR AREA - Besure to vacuum the floors before applying any vinyl. Dust and dirt can be pulled onto the adhesive of the vinyl from friction.

Does the FireStorm Graphix crew race cars themselves?

Matt Lachance, owner of is an avid race fan and has successfully raced cars for several years chalking up a number of wins in his class. A hand injury sidelined Matt from racing in 2008. Matt also managed and promoted a local racing division in the New England area for a number of years.

Race Car Wrap Install Tip

SQUEEGEE ALTERNATIVE - If a squeegee is unavailable for application you can always use a credit card.

Who does your design and production work?

Everything we do here at FireStorm is done in-house. From design to print production the FireStorm crew will see to it that your order is handled in a timely and proper manner from start to finish.

Race Car Wrap Install Tip

PROTECT YOUR WRAP - You can wax your wrap, and this will keep your vinyl race car wrap from attracting dirt. Be sure to test an inconspicuous area prior to application of the entire wrap surface.

What is the turnaround time for a wrap?

Time varies depending on workload. Our busiest time of year is January to June. We recommend allowing 1 1/2 to 2 weeks for a wrap, however if you need it by a certain date we will make every effort to get you your wrap on time.

Race Car Wrap Install Tip

MEASURE TWICE - Always use a tape measure, and measure twice, that way you avoid having to strip and reapply your vinyl decals.

Is installing a wrap difficult?

Our customers are able to wrap their cars with ease. The nice part about a dirt late model wrap or a dirt modified wrap is that the car panels are relatively flat making installation easier. Production cars with compound curves make the installation more of a challenge. We use high quality vinyl with matching overlaminates that make installations easier. We also break the panels apart into smaller more manageable pieces. These pieces have a 1/2” overlap for easier installation.

Race Car Wrap Install Tip

SEPARATE SPONSOR LOGO - Sponsor logos can be purchased separately. This will be useful if you do not have plan on having a sponsor for a long period of time, and do not want to have to strip the entire wrap because a sponsor no longer supports your race team.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes. We offer volume discounts on identical sets. Call us at 978-319-9666 for pricing.

Race Car Wrap Install Tip

CENTER OUT - Always squeegee from the center out, this will insure an even application.

Do you make wraps for other kinds of cars?

Yes - we can make a wrap for just about anything including Go Kart Wraps. If you would like more information about our race car wrap graphics, contact FireStorm at 978-319-9666 or email us at [email protected]

Race Car Wrap Install Tip

OVERLAP SQUEEGEE STROKES - Overlap squeegee strokes by a quarter, to half inch. This will allow you to make sure that your wrap has been evenly applied to your race car.

Can I add fluorescent or specialty vinyls to my order?

Yes you can. We offer a number of stock specialty vinyls and can get just about any other kind you may need. Specialty vinyls need to be done as overlays onto the wrap and incur an added charge.

Race Car Wrap Install Tip

HANDLING LARGE BUBBLES - Sometimes you will encounter large bubbles - With our performance vinyl wrap material you can place a felt squeegee onto the surface of the bubble (flat side down) and evenly apply pressure. This will help the air dispurse beneath the bubble and allow you to squeegee the remainder of the air out.

What is compositing?

Let's say you chose a specialty vinyl for the color of your number (diamond plate, holographic, chrome, etc.) with a black number effect (drop shadow, outline, etc.). We cannot print other colors onto any of our specialty vinyl. Therefore, we would need to cut your number from a sheet of specialty vinyl and cut the effect from a sheet of black vinyl and layer them together. This adds another step to the production process, which is why we charge a composite fee for the extra time being used. If you choose not to have us composite for you, the vinyl sheets will come separately and you or your installer will have to layer them together onto your car with the effect going on first and the number going on second.  

Race Car Wrap Install Tip

KEEP YOUR MAGNETS ON AT HIGH SPEED - Every once in a while your magnet may come flying off while on the track. It is uncommon, but it has happened. To avoid this, we recommend taping the leading edge of the magnet to prevent winds from lifting it up.

What is the difference between cling and reusable?

Cling and reusable vinyl are both good for multiple uses, but there are a couple differences between the two. One you will notice right away is that cling has a gloss finish, whereas reusable has more of a matte finish. Secondly, reusable uses a weak adhesive (kind of like a sticky note) whereas cling sticks to your car by using static. We normally recommend reusable over cling, as it has a better print quality and is slightly more durable.

Race Car Wrap Install Tip

GET THE MOST USES OUT OF YOUR REUSABLE VINYL - Make sure the surface of your car is clean before applying the decals. This will prevent dirt and dust from sticking to the adhesive and hindering its ability to stick to your car. With a little tender love and care, you can get a good ten uses out of your reusable decals.

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